About Us

About Us

 Kaxum is a loving professional leatherworking business, run by Albert and Joanna. We’re passionate about quality leather and high leatherworking standards, and we work day and night to make sure that shines through in every one of our products.

We work on a regular basis to deliver the highest standard of leather products, no matter what the need or requirement of that said product would be. Based in Hong Kong, we use the amazing atmosphere of the city around us to make sure we can produce high-quality products in line with modern fashion trends. We are inspired by the high quality of life and fashionable trends in Hong Kong, and we look to use that as our main inspiration for all of our products.

However, we look to make sure that all of our products are manufactured at affordable rates without cutting corners. This allows us to pass on quality, safe to use products to you at a price you can easily and readily agree with.

All of our products, from our stunning bags for women to our awesome satchels for men, are made to last. Affordably priced without reducing the quality that you get, we make sure that value is our prime stock and trade.

Also, we are more than happy to work internationally. This allows us to quickly make comprehensive changes to the way we serve the world of leatherworking, making sure our beloved products are available all across the leather.

Leatherworking, inspired by love

Part of what makes our products so useful is the fact that they are created to such standards. We make sure that all of our bags are made with top quality, natural leather. We produce tote bags, messenger satchels, handbags and backpacks of all shapes, sizes and styles.

This makes it easy for us to make sure you can get some very impressive quality, genuine leather bags to suit any style or personality type. Best of all, we make sure that each bag is secure, robust and very much safe to use for all of your day-to-day needs.

Created by a team of experienced leatherworkers from China, most of our team have over a decade of expertise in the industry. With every bag checked by another member of staff prior to shipping so that you receive the best quality of work, we make sure that you always get the highest standard of bag possible.

Regardless of any challenges you may face, come to see our team today at Kaxum. We make quality leather our stock in trade, and pass on the best quality of products to you without fail. Need some tremendous leather? Then take a look at our options today!